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Fate Reforged singles now available for presale ordering!

Singles from Fate Reforged are now available for presale ordering!

And of course, we have a full selection of other Magic: the Gathering set Singles, Foils, Promos, Decks, Boosters and Boxes to fill every customer's needs!

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Shuffle & Cut is also sad to inform our international customers that we will no longer be able to ship Magic Sealed Product (boosters & boxes) outside of the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Free Rare with Every Singles Order
    Just for ordering, you will get a free rare (a random rare of our choosing).
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    For every $25 you spend in singles (not including shipping), you get another free rare (again, a random rare of our choice). Limit 5 free rares per order.

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