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Fate Reforged singles now available for presale ordering!

Singles from Fate Reforged are now available for presale ordering!

And of course, we have a full selection of other Magic: the Gathering set Singles, Foils, Promos, Decks, Boosters and Boxes to fill every customer's needs!

Shuffle & Cut is still your fastest, cheapest, and easiest source for everything Magic: the Gathering.

Shuffle & Cut is also sad to inform our international customers that we will no longer be able to ship Magic Sealed Product (boosters & boxes) outside of the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Free Rare with Every Singles Order
    Just for ordering, you will get a free rare (a random rare of our choosing).
  • Buy More - Get More Free Rares
    For every $25 you spend in singles (not including shipping), you get another free rare (again, a random rare of our choice). Limit 5 free rares per order.

Shuffle & Cut is all about making you happy - just another reason we are the #1 source for TCGs anywhere. (All bonuses available while supplies last, and only available for orders placed directly on for shipment. Bonuses are not available for orders that are picked up in store.)